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Group Healthcare

Group Healthcare for the NAPA Family

Whether you are a multi-store owner or a single store owner, the NAPA Insurance Center
has tailored group and individual benefit solutions. We offer a Nationally Discounted Group and NAPA Health Captive Program to access the right benefit options for your business needs. 

Nationally Discounted Group

  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • 2 or more insured employees
  • Fully insured program
  • Available in 49 states

NAPA Health Captive

  • Complete control of your plan
  • Lower overhead and improved efficiencies
  • 50 or more insured employees
  • Partially self-insured program
  • Detailed claims information
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We're Problem Solvers and Risk Specialists.

No one knows your business like we do. As risk specialists, we work with you to provide the right solutions for NAPA members. Get a quote now on the National Discounted Group program or contact us for more information on the NAPA Health Captive.

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